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Show Registration Fee

Our show registration fee confirms your participation in our shows and helps to cover the cost of our venue hire, lighting technicians, and associated costs.

We like our students to feel as comfortable as possible on stage so that we can do the best performance we can. So, each class has a 30 minute technical rehearsal. (Sunday 26th November – see band apps for more info).

The show registration fee helps to cover the cost of this day so that we don’t have to pass it on to family and friends by raising ticket prices or increasing the class fees. It also helps the studio to break even and not run at a loss when putting on our shows.


We also have a professional videographer who films our show using moving camera shots (close ups) and multiple camera angles over both shows. This is edited together and shared as a downloadable link.

This year, we have bundled the show reg fee and videography together to make it easier for everyone.

  • Registration fee – $45
  • Professional videography + class photo to keep – $55
  • Total – $100.

This fee is compulsory and payable by all performers by Friday 17 November. (There is no option to opt-out of the show video).

Term 4 fees and registration fee can be paid separately so you can budget for them.

Thank you all for your support and commitment in putting on a fantastic and professional production. We can’t wait to see everyone on stage!

For any questions feel free to contact Christina on 0412 350 276.

View End of Year Production teaser video

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